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Q. Notes for installation.

Q. Notes for installation.
Update Time:2012-06-11
Q. Notes for installation. Touch screen Gap between LCD and Touch screen. A gap of approximately 0.7mm is needed between LCD and Touch screen. It may cause unexpected input if the gap is too narrow. Even greater distance will be needed if influence of noise is large. Tail Secure the distance of approximately 0.2mm between the tail and LCD. Fix the tail firmly as the change of distance between tail and LCD may affect position accuracy of input. The tail must not be forcibly stressed or bent too hard to avoid the conduction in the insulated area and wire breaking. Tolerance There is 0.2-0.3mm tolerance for the dimensions of the touch screen and tail. A gap must be made to absorb the tolerance in the case and the connector. Mounting Touch screen must be held from the bottom just like the structure gluing the touch screen onto the display. If the touch screen is glued on the bezel, the adhesion gets stressed and may cause damage to touch screen. Moisture may form circuit with metal bezel and cause unintended input under outdoor and/or humid environments. It is recommended to use a non-metal bezel in that case. Avoid acidic matters from getting into gaps. They may form circuits as well as cause corrosion.