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Q. Notes for installation.

Q. Notes for installation.
Update Time:2012-06-11
Q. Notes for installation. Controller Make sure that polarity (+/-) is correct when connecting the power supply. Wrong connection may cause breaking of the controller. Please use power supply with minimum noise. Noises from power supply affect stability of the sensor. Make sure that connections of the wirings are correct. The screw holes near the sensor connector (tail-inserted connector) are the terminals for letting static electricity out. Make sure these screw holes are grounded. Otherwise, touch position drift may be caused by instability of reference potential. Others Ground all the metals around the touchscreen and controller. *1 Refer to the recommended connecting method. If the surrounding metals are not grounded, detecting accuracy will be highly affected. Do not cover the surface of the touchscreen with protection film or any other covers. Surface capacitive touchscreen cannot be used with glove.