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Q. Handling notes of surface capacitive.

Q. Handling notes of surface capacitive.
Update Time:2012-06-11
Q. Handling notes of surface capacitive. A. Touch screen Do not depress or scratch the product with any object with a sharp edge or end. Do not forcibly bend or fold the product. When the product is stored, make sure it is packed in a packing box and stored in a storage temperature range, eliminating any outside load. Do not use or store the product under a condition where the product will be exposed to water, organic solution or acid. Clean the product with a soft cloth or a soft cloth with neutral detergent or alcohol. When contaminated by chemicals, wipe them off immediately with caution not to cause injury to human body. Controller Please handle the controller with attention to static electricity until it is grounded. Note that the controller may get eroded by saline matter if touched by a bare hand.