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How to Install a Touch Panel

How to Install a Touch Panel
Issue Time:2010-12-13

If you are interested in turning your regular computer LCD monitor into a touch-screen monitor, you can add a panel over the monitor to convert it. These panels can be purchased at most computer supply stores and there's no complex wiring involved in order to hook it up to your computer.
Turn on your computer monitor. If you are using a laptop open the display and turn the unit on.
Fit the touch screen converter panel over the monitor and align the sides and corners of the converter panel with the sides and corners of the computer monitor.
Clamp the converter panel to the monitor using the clamp located at the side of the panel converter. Make sure the panel converter is secure.
Locate the USB cable that runs from the side of the converter panel. Plug it into an available USB port in your computer.
Use the battery-operated stylus pen to write on your new touch screen monitor.