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SPS-Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou 2016

SPS-Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou 2016
Issue Time:2016-03-14

SPS - Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou is the exhibition for industrial automation technology. The leading platform for capitalising on Industry 4.0 solutions in China. It covers all components down to complete systems and integrated automation solutions.

The trade fair and its adjoining conference are the ideal platform for comprehensive information on products, innovations and current trends within the industrial automation industry. Hence it gives an overview of the entire market. many customers of VICPAS also bring their new design and high-tech products to show.

The exhibitors - manufacturers of electric automation technology - present products and services from the following sectors:
1. Drive Systems and Components
2. Electromechanical Components and Peripheral Equipment
3. Sensor Technology
4. Control Technology
5. IPCs
6. Industrial Software
7. Interface Technology, Connectivity technology
8. Low Voltage-Switching Devices
9. Human-Machine-Interface Devices
10. Micro Technology
11. Machine Components
12. Robotics and accessories
13. Machine Vision
14. Industrial measurement and instrument
15. Industrial Comunication

16. Others