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Q. How is a resistive touchscreen structured?

Q. How is a resistive touchscreen structured?
Update Time:2017-09-01
Q. How is a resistive touchscreen structured? Fundamental Structure of Resistive Touch ScreensResistive Touch Screen are consist of transparent films such as acrylic films and glasses with electric conductive layers (ITO). When fingers or pens touch the screen, the layers are pressed together, causing a change in the electrical current and thus a touch event will be registered. Friction separator dots hold these two layers keeping away from undesired contacts.Resistive system is categorized into two method-analog and matrix.Analog typeOne of two films with transparent conductive layers detects horizontal friction difference, while the other vertical. When pressed, the exact spot is detected as analog data.Matrix typeRectangle-formed conductive transparent films are placed vertically on one layer and horizontally on the other layer. When pressed, the spot is detected as x and y coordinates data.