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Frequently Ask Questions about-Multi Analog Resistive Touchscreen

Frequently Ask Questions about-Multi Analog Resistive Touchscreen
Update Time:2012-06-04
Q. How does MAR touchscreen differ from 4 wire and 5 wire resistive touchscreens? A. If 2 points are touched at a time, 4 wire and 5 wire resistive touchscreens detect the middle point between the two points. On the other hand, MAR touchscreen can detect two points if two different cells are touched. If two points are touched within one cell, MAR touchscreen detects the middle point between the two points. Q. What is the structure of MAS touchscreen? The structure is as below. Q. How about multiple touches within a cell? A. Multiple touches will not be recognized within a cell. The middle point between the multiple touched points will be recognized. As indicated a, b, c, and d below, MAR will not recognize 4 points touches if the touched 4 cells are forming a square. Q. What is the maximum size of MAR? Up to 15in wide. * Please consult with us if you need MAR larger than 15in wide. Q. Can I buy an IC chip only? Yes. Q. What is the sample application program? It is the program supporting the communications protocol CMT provides and recognizing multiple touches. The program works with Win XP, Vista and 7. Q. What OS can I use to operate the sample application program? Win XP, Vista, 7 * Please consult with us if you would like to use OS other than the above. Q. Is there driver software CMT can provide? No. CMT will provide output format information to the customers instead. The customers need to make an application program on their own. Q. Is there standard lineup of MAR series? A. MAR basically needs to be customized for each customer's request, but there are some existing models that are already developed. Please consult with us for more details. Q. How does MAR detect multiple touched points? Detection principle is same as 4 wire resistive, but the active area is divided into cells in MAR. Q. How long is the operation life? 10 million touches. Q. Can I operate MAR with glove? Yes. Q. How many points can MAR recognize simultaneously? Up to 20 points. * The number of recognizable touched points can be customized within 20 points. Q. Can I use MAR with the power supply of 3.3V? No, power supply needs to be between 4.75V and 5.25V. Q. What communication methods are supported? Controller board : RS232C. Controller chip : UART, I2C are supported. Q. How fast is the response time? In case of 7 x 10 cells... 1 point touch: 10.5ms. 2 point touches: 12.7ms.